How to follow this adaptation

Cathy will begin the adaptation on YouTube around midday May 3rd 2016, which can be found here. It’s important to follow all the character accounts so you don’t miss a post; they can be found on the Characters section of this website.

Wuthering Heights takes place over decades; this adaptation will not. Follow @WutheringSocial for a helpful guide to the timeline of the adaptation. Alternatively, like the Facebook page for updates throughout the adaptation.

The hashtag for Wuthering Social Heights is #wutsoc, so don’t worry if you get lost! Just search that hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and pick up where you left off. I am creating a story on Storify of Wuthering Social Heights, so you’ll be able to re-read the adaptation after it’s over with the hashtag #wutsoc

Get involved! Wuthering Social Heights isn’t something to be watched, it’s something to be a part of. You can interact with any character at any time by tweeting them, including their handles and #wutsoc. Two out of four of the characters don’t bite!

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