Why Wuthering Heights?

I first read Wuthering Heights when I was fourteen. It took me a long time to get through it because I had to study it for school, but I was so glad that I did. I was immediately entranced with the world of the Earnshaws, Lintons and Heathcliffs. I loved Catherine – she was so wild and horrible, but that only endeared me to her for some reason. I’ve read Wuthering Heights many times since then and it will always hold a place on my favourite book list.

Wuthering Heights is a book that explores the depth of human emotion and the messiness of relationships. This makes it an ideal book for adapating to social media. In a time where everybody’s business is aired online, it would only make sense that a modern day Wuthering Heights would take place there. All the arguments in the novel could easily be Twitter fights, or a comment war on an Instagram post. It’s also really easy to gang up on somebody and isolate them via social media, which – whilst horrible – is something that happens in Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights is a very visual novel. For this reason, I wanted to include YouTube and Instagram into this adaptation. The descriptions of the homes and landscapes will make for beautiful posts on Instagram and I’m very excited to source these. YouTube will be home to all of Cathy’s speeches to Nelly, which wouldn’t fit within a 140-character limit.

With Wuthering Social Heights, I hope to pay homage to a novel that I’ve held dear for a very long time. Transporting it to modern day social media isn’t going to be easy, but I hope I can create something worthy of the original.

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